Detailed Information

Enjoy beautiful views as well as wonderful photo opportunities. Galena Trolley Tours has historically and architecturally narrated tours. Purchase tickets at our unique ticket office including waiting area, snack bar, gift shop and on-site restrooms. Ride on the first and original family built (1988) trolley for Galena, also the open aired replicas of Cable Cars and San Francisco style trolleys.

• Historic non-stop trolley tours to step back in time and see the homes and buildings that once made Galena a major river boat and lead mining community. We will see the U.S Grant’s Home, Galena’s largest mansion, Galena’s oldest home, many more sights, and tell you how Galena got its start.

Enjoy our open-air trolleys in the summer and climate-controlled trolleys in the cooler months, as we show you the scenery, and history of the Galena. We are excited to take you on this wonderful adventure in a historic trolley.